SIG is a culmination of C.W.’s personal dream following his career in law enforcement and tenured service as an investigator in the private sector.  SIG is a full service investigative agency that is built on four key concepts; Integrity, Professionalism, Discretion and Dedication. Our mission is to build the investigative industry by raising the quality bar to its highest level in decades.

SIG utilizes qualified investigative talent and effective, up-to-date investigative techniques and technologies to “Reveal the Truth” contained within each case we work. Our tenacity for producing a thorough and accurate work product clearly defines the facts revealed during the process of an investigation. 

Our investigators are experienced, tested and have been successful as witnesses in the judicial venues of the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, California State Superior Court and the United States Federal Court.  Each investigator has proven their professional skill as a witness in each case where we have appeared in court.  We soundly stand on our experience to communicate and present cases for prosecution to each District Attorney’s Office we come into contact with. 

SIG has a statewide reputation for being the best surveillance and covert investigation’s team in Northern California. We are known for being able to obtain and produce quality videotape evidence along with clear and concise documentation of the case, which supports the proof of criminal activity and employee fraud, in every case we present to the court.  With our investigator’s roots being planted and cultured in the field of law enforcement, we know how to and understand the value of what it means to present to a law enforcement agency an “open and shut” case.  

SIG is dedicated to building a sound reputation of being a premier investigative agency which is strongly supported by our historical investigative success and our client relationships.  Our clients and colleagues have set us apart from other firms by our undeniably sound investigative work product and customer service.  The Sellers Investigative Group takes pride in letting our clients and colleagues in the industry speak for us when it comes to our successes in revealing irrefutable evidence and truth.

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